What is seek?

Main search windowseek is a tool that allows you to quickly search through file and foldernames on your computer. As you can see in the screenshot to the right, seek is very simple to use: just type in your query at the main window, and the results will display as you are typing.

Unlike "desktop search" applications like Google Desktop Search or Copernic Desktop Search, seek only searches filenames, not within files. This allows seek to find results much more quickly than other desktop search engines. Although not as flexible, this approach is more appropriate when you already know which file you need to locate or open, but either don't know where the file is, or you don't want to waste time in your file browser opening folder after folder.

seek allows you to break up results into categories based on the file extention. For example, files with a ".exe" ending show up in the "applications" category, and files with a ".cpp" ending show up in the "code" category. This allows you to quickly find the types of files you are looking for.

seek resides in a tray icon on your taskbar in Windows. Whenever you want to search, simply click on the tray icon to open the search window. Depending on your preference settings, the window will either close when you have opened a file, or you can close the window manually by clicking the tray icon again when you are done searching.

Site Up

seek is now officially on sourceforge.net. I have posted a source only release of version 0.8, mainly to spark interest from other developers. As of now, I would strongly reccomend against building it and using it on a day-to-day basis, as it is lacking in many areas and just isn't ready for consumption yet.